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The family require an effective and thorough examination of the evidence to be heard during the inquest as they believe that the acts and omissions of the organisations involved in this case contributed to the death of the doctor. The family will be asking the Coroner to make recommendations as a result so that this tragedy is never repeated. 

Each of the organisations involved in the inquest, who have “interested party” status, benefit from almost unlimited public or other funding for legal representation, and will no doubt robustly represent their clients in order to protect their reputation. The widow of the deceased doctor is not eligible for public funding to pay for the legal team who will represent her at the inquest. As the sole breadwinner in a household with two dependent children, she has thus far struggled to find the funds to pay her legal team.

In order to ensure “equality of arms” at the inquest, the family need to raise funds to pay for legal support in the various inquest hearings. Since HM Coroner has reduced the scope of the inquest and requested the family to also explore other legal avenues to deal with issues, that she will not cover, there will be additional costs to fund legal support in other settings. The total anticipated cost of the various sets of legal support and related costs is estimated to be £100,000. Solicitors have thus far represented the family at a hugely discounted level. The solicitors agree that any sums paid through the crowd justice appeal will be billed at Legal Aid rates   

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Pre Inquest

 Two pre-inquest review hearings have been held, and it is anticipated that the full hearing will occur within the next six months. Rule 43 of the Coroners Rules (1984) provides for Coroners to make recommendations for change where they are of the opinion that a death could have been prevented had a different course of action been taken by concerned organisations.  


Inquest will be held between Feb 25th 2020 - Feb 27th 2020.


Court 13

Middlesborough Magistrates Court

Victoria Square

Middlesborough TS1 2AS 

BAPIO Conference

Wife of late consultant anaesthetist is invited as guest speaker in BAPIO Conf November 22, 2019

Wife of late consultant anaesthetist is invited as guest speaker in BAPIO Northeast Conf March 7, 2020